My 27 random acts of kindness for Sandyhook Elementary School Victims

The only time all vases were out together.

These are vases I have made to hopefully one day be able to give to the victim’s families of the tragedy of Sandyhook Elemtary school in Newtown, CT. It was the hardest project I have ever done. So many emotions and thoughts were running through me while I created these vases. Making these vases was the easy part. The hard part was finding the pictures. Using google image search, I found all of the victims and saw the pictures that the families shared with the press as well as many images that the press shared as well. I saw pictures of some of these children from birth to images of their casket. It hurt my heart finding these. I did pray that the Lord would give me the strength to keep going. Applying the decals is very intament as well. You have to look very closely in all angles of light to make sure that there are no air bubbles in the decal and lightly push them out of the decal. Now that these vases are done, I guess the waiting game has begun. I completely realize that many of these families might still not be ready for such a gift.

All vases have been sent to an orgination called Healing Newtown in Newtown, CT. They act as a buffer between the victim’s families and artists. When the timing is right, they will give these vases out. I made on vase for each victim’s family, and have even made a few more for families that have divorced or seperated parents.

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