This one gallon wheel thrown ceramic carboy is perfect for your brewing needs. Whether it is a small batch of hard cider, wine, mead, or beer this vessel serves at both art and function. It will add some color and style any where you put t!

I made this carboy on my potters wheel. After the first firing, I hand painted the jug with a golden brown glaze and a glaze called rain forest green. I used the a clear gloss glaze on the inside. All materials used to make this are lead free and food safe.

It is actually bigger than 1 gallon as it is less than 1 cup from being 5 quarts. It measure 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide without the airlock on it.

Please note that the rubber stopper fits really well, but the inside neck of the carboy and the stopper must be dry of water or the stopper will want to pop out. Just make sure it is dry and push and turn the stopper to get it in the jug and you are good!

Click on this picture and it will take you directly to this item in my online shop to view other pictures of it.

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