One of my earliest memories I have was when I was in kindergarden. Our big assignment was a pinch pot. My love for clay started there. I have been actively making things out of clay ever since. If you do not believe me, ask my Mom! I moved up to Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA in 1985. My major at the time was fisheries, but I was certainly a closet art major. The only fisheries class I took was tropical aquarium management! I eventually switched majors.

I have a degree from Humboldt State University in art teaching 1992. My emphasis in college was ceramics. I studied under Louis Marak, Keith Schneider, Jim Crawford, and even Michael Lucero.

I consider myself a studio potter. I have a small studio at my house and more or less work in seclusion. Thankfully for the internet, I have hundreds of clay buddies that I communicate with daily. I love to make functional pottery that is thought provoking. Everything I make has some kind of playful element. I think of each piece I make as more than some kind of vessel, and even try to make each pot tell its own story.

It brings me a lot of joy to know now that my work has made it all over the United States as well as a few other countries. My influences come from a lot of places. I am always looking at things that give me a lot of ideas and inspirations. My largest influence with my sculptures comes from Michael Lucero and Pablo Picasso. Beatrice Wood would be another one of my favorites, as I love folk art too!

. I fire from a range of cone 06 to cone 5. All of my cook ware, bowls, cups, or plates are lead free and food safe. All is microwave and dishwasher safe as well. I hope you like my work and would love any feedback that is given! Even if you do not buy anything, I would love to hear from you with your opinion. Also, I am willing to do just about any custom work you might be looking for. I can do any size, shape, color, or have something painted on a piece if you wish.

If you would like to see more pictures of my work, click on this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Campbell-Ceramics/207273775986073

This is a link to my online shop on Etsy : http://www.etsy.com/shop/MarkCampbellCeramics

31 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mark,
    I was interested in your crock pots, but I could not figure out which one to order at Etsy’s. I like the one which says “Sauerkraut”. Can you help and tell me what color it is?

    Much appreciated,

    • Hello,

      There is an option in colors that says decal pictures. That is the options you want. Do you want one that just says sauerkraut, or do you want one with other pictures or words on it? I could do one like the sample picture of the Wild Fermentation or make it more your with other pictures. It really is up to you. There is a spot to send the seller a message when purchasing that you could write what you want done to it. I will definetely get back to you to make sure I am making exactly what you want.

      Thank you for looking me up!

  2. Hi, Mark

    My crock just arrived and it’s in perfect condition
    and just beautiful!! I can’t wait to start using it! Thanks so my much!

    Marcella Holtz

  3. Hi Mark, I realize that you create fermentation jars to order. However, I’m curious if you have any in stock that are available at the moment ? If not, how long do you think it will it take you to fulfill if making it to order ? Thanks so much.


  4. Hi Mark
    I’d like to order a 2qt fermentation crock. I need a little more info on color options and patterns.
    Thanks, Carrie Blackwell

  5. Hello. I just got to this from your comment on Wikd fermentation. Do you have any more oil vessels or can you custom make one?

  6. Hey Mark, I left a couple of messages on ETSY, but maybe my technological prowess has let me down again. Anyhow, hoping you can produce a one-gallon fermentation crock for me. I’m wondering if there is a system other than “computer” to communicate color/style and logistics. Jim

  7. Hi Mark –

    I am interested in a sourdough fermentation crock for my wife. I would like to see if you can replicate the coloration of out stone counter top.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Mark, we just ordered a sauerkraut crock order # 2898986483. Could you send a sauerkraut recipe with it? Thanks,
    Annie and Lynn

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