9 thoughts on “Ornaments

    • I forgot to mention, that the next batch are not going to be hand painted. I have a couple of different pictures I am going to make photo ceramic decals with tomorrow. if you have a specific picture in mind that you would like to see on an ornament, just send me the picture you and, and how many and I can do it! I am doing decal work tomorrow, so I hope you get this message in time.

      take care,

  1. it’s for a female co-worker who is a huge James Bond fan, so I don’t have a specific picture in mind. If you have a decal that, with a slight glance, you know it is James Bond, that would be great. Something like this would be fine.

    Also, it does not need to be star shaped if the image does not fit well on a star.

    Thanks so much, and can you please estimate a price? It will be shipped to Pittsburgh.

  2. Sally. One ornament would be 12.00 and 2.00 shipping. I give breaks when people order more than 4. Anyway, I have decaled up the ornaments, and they are firing in my kiln. If you have Facebook, you could see the 2 different ornaments, by clicking on this link. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=506117706073160&set=a.101462003205401.3301.100000248065258&type=1&theater. These decals do turn out more of a sepia color, than black and white. I have lots of examples on my website.

  3. Hi Mark, Bond with the car and 007 is perfect! Sepia is fine too. Now payment, I can arrange one of my kids to pay you with paypal, or I can give you my cr card #. Thanks so much!

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